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Bot Rules

» 1. The conditions for adding bots are as follows;
  a. You have to choose a tag.
  b. You have to enter the bot ID correctly.
  c. The opening date of your bot must be 2 weeks before it is added.
  d. Your bot should not be a duplicate of other bots.
  e. Your bot's avatar must not belong to another bot.

» 2. Bot page content that is not allowed;
  a. You should not redirect to any unrelated site.
  b. You should not put another bot list site as an iframe.
  c. You should not post pictures that contain nudity.
  d. You must provide detailed information about your bot.
  e. While giving detailed information about your bot, you should use it in the pictures.
  f. You must write the correct prefix.
  g. You have to put your bot's site as an iframe or write your bot's commands.

» 3. Not allowed in bot commands;
  a. Another bot should not be advertised on your bot.
  b. There should be no emojis in any of your bot's commands that will cause an epilepsy crisis.
  c. Your bot's commands must be unique.
  d. There should be no batch-processing commands on your bot.
  e. Your bot should not have any prohibited commands.
  f. Your bot must have been opened at least 2 weeks ago.
  g. Your bot must be unique.

» Prohibited Commands;
1. Give / Get Role For Everyone
2. Blast the Server
3. DM Announcement
4. Spam Message
5. Send a private message

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